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Learn about opioids — like heroin and prescription medicines — so you can help prevent addiction and overdose.

About Opioids

Get the facts about opioids and learn how to recognize the signs of abuse.

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Misuse Prevention

Opioid misuse is a big problem, but there’s a lot you can do to help your family and friends stay safe. Together, we can start to heal our community.

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Overdose Prevention

If a friend or loved one were having an overdose, would you be able to tell? Would you know how to help? Learn more on this page. It could help you save someone’s life.

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Resources for Healthcare Providers

We know that the process of prescribing medicine can be complex. And it isn’t always easy to tell whether opioid prescriptions are being misused. If you do think a patient is misusing or addicted to opioids, address the issue right away.

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