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Opioid Settlement Funds

Beginning in July 2021, the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office announced a multi-billion dollar resolution with opioid distributors and pharmaceutical companies, which will provide more than $500 million to the Commonwealth and its cities and towns. Funds from these settlements began flowing into Massachusetts in June2022, and disbursement of these funds will continue annually through 2038.


Hampshire HOPE – the region’s county wide coalition focused on the impacts of opioid use in collaboration with Hampshire County municipalities and public health partners, created a shared survey to elevate the voices of community members. 

To complete the survey, please follow link:  Opioid Settlement Survey (English)  Opioid Settlement Survey (Spanish)


Before you move forward, we want to let you know that topics of loss or opioid use may bring up difficult memories and can cause feelings of distress. You may decide to answer these questions at a later time with support nearby.


Below are some free resources you may find helpful:


Other Survey Options:

  • If you would like the survey to be translated into Spanish, you can find a copy here

  • If you need assistance to take the survey by phone, or would like a copy mailed to you, please call Patty at 413-587-1314. 

  • We will have paper copies available at various downtown locations. Check back soon for building addresses.

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Survey Response Summary

Additional Statewide Resources

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